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Lux CRM - easy and cheap tool for companies


Lux CRM supports daily work of companies - you can store and expand your customer base, save contacts with your clients and assign yourself or your employees tasks to complete on a given day.

There is nothing in this CRM that slows down your work.

The simple dashboard shows tasks to complete, notes and tasks already completed and overdue tasks on a given day. When you click on a task or note, you can see the entire history of the company involved.

The system is available in the cloud, which means that you have access to your data wherever you are, also by mobile phone and tablet. You also don’t have to worry about infrastructure (server, hosting) and data security.

Everything is optimized to save your time and energy from unnecessary clicking.


  • Managing contacts (companies)
  • History of contacts with a given company
  • Tasks + calendar (tasks for a given day, overdue tasks)
  • Delegating tasks
  • Export / import of contacts to a file in CSV format
  • Visibility of notes and tasks (users can see all records or only their records)
  • Flexible user rights management
  • Register of logins
  • Work progress monitoring for self-control and manager
  • Currently available language versions: PL, EN, RU, DE and the possibility to order ANY language version
  • Full data export to CSV format after termination of the contract for an additional fee.


The Lux CRM system is a subscription system with monthly or annual fees.

With paying annual fee, you get 1 month of access to the system for FREE!

Monthly fee begins on the day the limits od contacts or users are exceeded.

Invoices are issued in Polish or English.

We offer big discounts if you help us translating the system to new language version (please contact us for this).

Monthly fees


1-50 contacts

51-500 contacts

501-5000 contacts


1-3 users


€ 7 / month

€ 21 / month



Each user extra

€ 3 / month

€ 4 / month

€ 6 / month

Polish companies add 23% VAT to the prices.



If your company has 49 contacts and 3 users, you use it for FREE.

If your company has 300 contacts and 2 users, you pay €7 monthly or €77 annually

If your company has 485 contacts and 5 users, you pay €15 monthly or €165 annually

If your company has 4,500 contacts and 10 users, you pay €63 monthly or €693 annually


if you want to see demo version, please log into

login: demo

password: demo11

Attention! Do not use demo version for real purposes, as it may be used by many people at once!


Please send your orders to by providing a contact phone in the email.

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